Emma Quinn Travel Wedding Photographer
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For the Wild, Free Spirits, and Adventurers.




My mission

My sole mission is to make you feel something. It is as simple as that. When you look back on your photos I hope they feel like oldies music playing on a record player on a slow Saturday morning. I hope they make you feel the way you do driving with the windows down on a warm summer evening. It is my goal to create experiences with you so when you look back on these photos you feel a slight ache of nostalgia. I want to capture the face licks, the bum squeezes, the slightly longer kiss on the cheek. The moments that are unique to you.

Wildflowers grow without anyone telling them how. They may be weeds, but when gathered together they make something beautiful. I want to gather together pieces of you and your love, memories and quirks and capture your love story.