This is us.

Can I tell you something I have learned in my short time being a photographer? Being you is what makes the photos special. Not the perfect outfit, or great hair day or even the golden lighting. It’s when you and your love is infused into the shot that makes magic happen.

I wanted to write this little blurb to encourage you to be YOU when getting your photos taken. If it feels right to wear your grungiest tee, because that is what you feel the most comfortable in, PLEASE DO IT. Unbrushed and messy hair? YES PLEASE. Do I need to wear a white dress because its a engagement, UH NO HUNNY (que Jonathan Van Ness).

There is a stigma behind getting your photos taken that you have to get a blow out and look like you just took off your Victoria Secret angel wings to get the perfect save the date and you know what, you don’t. If your blessed enough to where that is you, then by all means come looking like Blake Lively, but for the rest of us, ill take your messy bun and old levis any day. These pictures are not taken for your save the date. They are not taken for your parents or your even your sweet grandma. They are taken to capture who you are and your love.For you to look back on in years to come and think, yep This Is US (hi Jack and Rebecca).

So please, my love, come as you are.

Kelsey + Tim. Hi can I be you? Hello, are you real? Here is my casual and cool couple who had fun in their scrubby tees and floppy buns, being who they are.

Cheers, to some of my favorite people.

emma deboef