Emma Quinn Travel Wedding Photographer

Hello I'm emma quinn 


Hello I am Emma Quinn. A free soul, lover of words, and spirit follower. I dance like Phoebe runs. I'm a city slicker and a mountain girl. A traveler and a homebody. Beachy bohemian and desperately in love with the color black. Slipping seamlessly into the confines of a stereotype will never fit me just right. I will always drip through the cracks and spill over the edges. What a revelation it is to know we can be everything we want to be all at once.

My Photography:

I am a Michigan based photographer seeking to travel to grand places with you or for you to capture the most epic and adventurous story of you lives. The art of capturing moments. Wow. What an honor. My mission with my photography is to do just that. Capture your moments. I want to capture your booty dancing, longing looks, tiny cheek nibble moments. The moments that make life sweeter. I want to capture moments that make you feel something. As a travel photographer I live to capture adventure, but what makes it special is infusing your story.

I want to capture YOU.

A few basics about me:

I live and breathe traveling and adventure. I long to capture and photograph the adventure that is special to you. I have a love for crappy gas station coffee. I get a dread lock at least once a week, not by choice. In second grade I dressed up as Dr. Evil, wore a tan swim cap and walked around with my mini me doll. I am quirky and goofy but still love to go deep with you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I cannot wait to meet you.  

All My love